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German engineering. American beauty.

The UBB Master Brew Pro is a revolutionary, cost-effective, automated brewing solution for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other venues, as well as an add-on for existing breweries. With an easy to use, plug and play system requiring only 2.5m2 floor space, the Master Brew Pro is a game changing product helping businesses increase their revenue and profitability.

We'd love to show you how we can help
increase your revenue and your profits

The ideal commercial brewing system

Low cost &
exceptional roi

on site
brewing made simple

only 2.5m2

Imagine brewing
your own brand,
qualIty craft beer

The UBB Master Brew Pro has been designed with simplicity in mind, but without sacrificing quality. It’s an opportunity to elevate your brand, generate additional revenue, and turn your passion into profit.

Who We Serve

Plug & Play Installation

Install in less than 90 minutes






Connect Water

No Requirement For floor drain

Lowers operating costs through a touchscreen driven automated beer brewing process

Worldwide Monitoring

It is the desire of UBB that our system be world-class and dynamic. What that means is the superior design of the brewing system needs to be matched with the advanced controls and community around how the system is used and supported. Our system will allow the user to know what is going on with the automated beer brewing process at all times, from wherever that user is.

Network Operations Center

Live Analytics On
Any Brew

WiFi Monitoring

View from Any Device

Troubleshoot Remotely

Dramatically reduces
total cost of ownership

Standard Equipment

Master Brew System

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Reduced Electrical Requirements

Reduced water wastage up to 50%


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