UBB defines “Client” as a partner, collaborator, and teammate.  Our relationship with our clients is focused to work as hard as we can to share in mutual success.

If you currently operate or plan to open a tap house, brewpub, or brewery, the UBB Master Brew System will exceed every expectation you might have, with An Easier Way to Brew

Brew your own great craft beer. Provide inventory your customers want to drink. Control your production. Watch your costs go down, and your profits go up. 



UBB is excited to welcome our clients to our growing community! Become a friend of the Unique Bavarian Brewery movement as we bring brewing into a new age.


  • Gain an invitation to the bi-annual celebrations at the world renowned Wöllershof Estate in the heartland of beer, Bohemia
  • Visit the UBB factory, take a guided tour of the huge hops fields
  • Meet the team behind the revolutionary UBB Master Brew System
  • Visit our Estate, where research, training, technology development, test brewing, and more all takes place
  • Drink expertly crafted beer with us!

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Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunity with Unique Bavarian Brewery, LLC. Please contact our dedicated team through the contact form below. We are happy to get on a call to discuss opportunities.

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