Future Solutions

Our Vision of the Future

The UBB Master Still Pro® simplifies the liquor distilling process through advanced German innovation and engineering. UBB anticipates the UBB Master Still Pro® will be a sought-after product in the growing Craft  Spirits market.

  • Small footprint
  • Iconic design
  • UBB Master Touch™ Control Panel

Master Still Pro®

Master Mill Pro®

The UBB Master Mill Pro® automation provides an efficient, more gentle milling process to produce the optimal malt for brewing.

  • Reduces dust production by 95%
  • More efficient use of grain
  • Aesthetically pleasing

The UBB Master Tank Pro® is a fermentation tank like no other. While not required with the UBB Master Brew Pro®, it increases a brewer’s production capabilities.

  • Available in both 200L and 400L Tanks
  • 200L measures 63 cm (Diameter) X 85 cm (Height)
  • 400L measures 80 cm (Diameter) X 150 cm (Height)

Master Tank Pro®

Master Brew Home®

The UBB Master Brew Home® will be the envy in the home brewing market. This system will cater to the upper 10% of the million-plus home brewers globally. Further, for B2B customers that don’t require the full capacity of the UBB Master Brew Pro®, this system will serve them as well.

  • Automated brewing system
  • No manual cleaning necessary
  • UBB Master Touch™ Control Panel
The UBB Master Still Home® will be the envy in the home distillery market. We will be marketing this revolutionary system to be at the top of the class, much like the UBB Master Brew Home®.
  • Automated distilling system
  • No manual cleaning required
  • UBB Master Touch™ Control Panel

Master Still Home®

Ingredient Subscription Services

Monthly Ingredient Subscriptions will offer our customers the finest hops, malts, and yeasts to help create optimal brews.  UBB will provide some of the best hops in the world, directly from the birthplace of beer, Bohemia, which is present day Bavaria. 

  • Subscription plan allows for the freshest, most pure ingredients delivered to your doorstep as often as required 
  • Flexible pricing based on brewing volumes
  • New, original recipe packages being offered monthly
  • Simple ordering process through UBB Master Touch™ or phone app

UBB Friends Community™

As part of our customer engagement and the world-class customer support services UBB offers, we will be creating a “real” community of UBB Friends in the marketplace. Our team will involve ourselves in the success of each of our community members by providing tips, strategies, and other recommendations to help build business. 

Furthermore, the UBB Master Touch™ will allow for favorite recipes to be saved, shared, and even scored by fellow community members!

  • A place to connect, network, grow together
  • Account details at your fingertips
  • Online ordering of services and supplies
  • We are a family, you will never feel alone
  • Global 24/7 Support
  • E-learning videos
  • Community board to share photos, videos, happiness!
  • True brewing data analytics
  • The UBB Master Phone™ App is always up to date with new recipes, training material, special offers, etc.
  • Providing full replacement if a system cannot be repaired within three hours

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