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German Engineered Brewing & Distillation Technology

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Have you always wanted to brew on premise but thought you never could?

UBB creates, manufactures, and distributes solutions that will forever change the Global Brewing and Distillation industry as we know it, not only in the commercial space, but for consumers alike.

Introducing the

Master Brew Pro®

Tradition meets Technology

Engineered in Bavaria, Germany, the UBB Master Brew Pro® allows anyone to create world-class craft beer faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost all while maintaining the tradition of the Bavarian brewing process.

Engineered by Beer Experts in Bavaria

The UBB Master Brew Pro® is the brainchild of engineering genius Albrecht Hör, who founded Hör Technologie GmbH in 1979, and specialized in developing precision technologies for Formula One, aerospace, energy technology, medical technology, and the automotive industry…


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