Master Brew Pro®

Set your restaurant apart by crafting your own signature beer

Tradition meets Technology

The Master Brew Pro by Unique Bavarian is an automated brewing system that makes your own signature craft beer in a confined footprint, at an affordable price and with unique recipes and training programs. All while maintaining the quality and tradition of Bavarian brewing.

Unique Brews

Craft On-Site

Attract New Customers


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Stop doing the same thing as everyone else. Be Unique.

Has your restaurant or tap house always wanted to create your own craft beer but the cost and expertise required seemed out of reach?

Who We Serve

Takes up a space no larger than a standard dining room table

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Plug & Play Installation

Install in less than 90 minutes





Natural Gas
or Propane


Power & Heat


Connect Water

No Requirement For floor drain

Craft Your Masterpiece

Consistent Every time at any Volume

The UBB Master Brew Pro® will allow users to control the ingredients and recipes used for each batch. Brewers have the ability to save their masterpieces in the controller for future use, as well as to share their recipes with the vast UBB Community!

Lowers operating costs through a touchscreen driven automated process

Worldwide Monitoring

It is the desire of UBB that our system be world-class and dynamic. What that means is the superior design of the brewing system needs to be matched with the advanced controls and community around how the system is used and supported. Our system will allow the user to know what is going on with the brewing process at all times, from wherever that user is.

Network Operations Center

Live Analytics On Any Brew

WiFi Monitoring

View from Any Device

Troubleshoot Remotely

Dramatically reduces total cost of ownership

Standard Equipment

Master Brew System

View your total cost of ownership with our

ROI Calculator

Environmentally Sensitive

UBB is presently filing for the Blue Angel certification in Europe. This certification is given when a factory and product meet or exceed environmentally friendly processes of its overall operation. All of the UBB products will adhere to the Blue Angel certification.

Reduced Electrical Requirements

Reduced water wastage up to 50%

Clean with white vinegar or water

“UBB is about to become an International Industry GAME CHANGER in the Craft Beer Brewing Business.”

Unique Bavarian Brewery, LLC is a Disruptive Technology company within the Brewing and Distillation space. Through innovative mechanical and software technology, we create, manufacture, and distribute products that will forever change the quality and technology of the Global Brewing and Distillation industries as we know them, not only in the commercial space, but for consumers alike. UBB is creating the World’s Finest German Engineered Brewing & Distillation Technology™. After five years in the making and an investment of USD 3,500,000, we are ready to introduce the UBB Master Brew Pro® to the world. For the first time, the market will have the ability to commoditize the brewing of craft beer while producing world-class taste.

Our brewery system takes up minimal space (2.5m²), requires no installation, can be powered by either natural gas or propane, has automated processes from brewing beer to self-cleaning, and can be monitored from anywhere in the world. It can brew 200 litres of beer in a maximum of 4½ hours (600 litres per day, or up to 18,000 litres per month), and can be purchased for as little as USD 59,500. This price point is a fraction of the cost of any professional brewing equipment of similar brewing capacity, not to mention the reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for long-term operations. Further, we can “small batch” brew competitively, offering a positive ROI for any restaurant, tap house, brew pub, or microbrewery in the market today.

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Now you can craft a beer unique for your customers without breaking the bank

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