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Welcome to the future of craft brewing and distillation


For thousands of years, beer has been the people’s drink: 
a source of joy, pride, and solidarity. But the enormous costs of setting up brewing and distillation systems have stifled competition and excluded many entrepreneurs from the joy of brewing and distillation.

Meanwhile, the dominance of macro breweries that can afford higher costs has reduced innovation and threatened the
survival of smaller producers.

We believe there is a better way.



UBB is introducing a one-stop solution for venues to brew beer and distill spirits on-premise. Our system increases our customers’ margins, giving them a greater competitive advantage. Operators can create customized, proprietary-branded beers and spirits, and grow their business into new and exciting markets.

On the social side, UBB’s online and offline “Friends” community provides a space for enthusiasts and like-minded individuals to share in their passion for great brews.

With an easily accessible User Interface, lower operating costs, and a guaranteed quality and consistency, we are democratizing beer production, placing power in the hands of the many, not the few.  

Now everyone can brew like a pro.


Our story begins with engineering enthusiast, Willy Trappe, an avid beer lover based in Bavaria (the birthplace of beer!). Willy and his fellow beer aficionados often had discussions as to why the brewing industry kept the art of brewing such a mystery for most.

Driven by a belief that beauty of brewing beer should be shared with more people, Willy dedicated his time to developing a way to enhance the brewing process: making it simpler, faster, and more productive for the masses, rather than a select few.

After four years of work, Willy finally felt he had something to introduce to the market, but how? He wasn’t a businessman; he knew nothing about bringing his product to market. In 2019, Willy had a fortuitous meeting with Hillman Lentz in Bangkok, TH. Together, they created Unique Bavarian Brewery, an industry game changer.


We believe in technology that helps people unlock their potential. Our brewing and distillery systems make crafting beer easier, more efficient, and more affordable without sacrificing quality or consistency.

From our revolutionarily compact hardware to our ingredient subscription services, world-class customer service and community of UBB Friends, we are invested in the success of every member of our community.

We will continue to work towards the fulfillment of Willy’s dream – utilizing technology to help make brewing and distillation accessible, joyful and profitable.

Making brewing expertise available to all. 

UBB is now ready to introduce this revolutionary system to the world, forever altering how delicious tasting beer is brewed and craft spirits are distilled.

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