Restaurants & Sports Bars

You Make Your Own Food.
Now Brew Your Own Beer.

With UBB, we provide you the equipment and knowledge you need to make a variety of unique, delicious beer that will keep your customers coming back for more. All this without breaking the bank, while providing your business with superior profit margins.

As a Restaurant Owner, competition is fierce and every dollar counts

The UBB Master Brew Pro®  will provide our customers with a competitive advantage through a variety of offerings, control of inventory, and incredible brewing efficiency.

create your restaurant's own brand

offer unique deals that keep customers coming back

Introducing the

Master Brew Pro®

Tradition meets Technology

Engineered in Bavaria, Germany, the UBB Master Brew Pro® allows anyone to create world-class craft beer faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost all while maintaining the tradition of the Bavarian brewing process.

Hi, I’m Hillman Lentz


I owned and operated the largest taphouse in Southeast Asia for years. I understand the difficulty of maintaining a stock of quality beers as well as adding unique brands people love, all while keeping costs down and profits high. We, at UBB, have combined German engineering mastery with extensive craft beer taphouse and restaurant experience to create the UBB Master Brew Pro®.

We Know the Beer Business

The UBB team has created this revolutionary system to serve as a great opportunity for owners, managers, and entrepreneurs alike to brew delicious beer. Take control of your inventory, increase your margins, brew with tradition using the UBB Master Brew Pro®.

How It Works

Order your own Plug & Play Master Brew Pro®, install in less than 90 minutes—not in a few days, weeks, or months!

Use your UBB Master Touch® to select from our recipes, your own recipes, or share recipes with brewers from around the world.

Brew your own beer with your own staff for less cost, in less space, and in less time. Consistent, quality brews with each batch.

Increase your profits with the UBB Master Brew Pro®

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