Test Investor Files

Welcome Josh, This is an area setup just for you. It has documents we have sent you as well as company information we want you to have at your fingertips. There are four folders below.

  1. Pre-Investment Documents – These are NDA restricted files. This folder includes things like our business plan and informational files.
  2. Josh Webb Documents – These are files just for you. Included in them is are any documents you have signed as well as items that pertain solely to you.
  3. Investor Only Files – Here you will find documents that are for all UBB investors. This will include meeting minutes and videos as well as any confidential 
  4. General Interest Shared – This are files that are not under NDA but may be of interest to you or others and you can freely share them. 

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Investor Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunity with Unique Bavarian Brewery, LLC. Please contact our dedicated team through the contact form below. We are happy to get on a call to discuss opportunities.

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