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Welcome to The Session – a discussion of all things related to our favorite tipples and how they’re made, marketed and imbibed.  

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Happy New Beer

2022 is upon us and we’re looking forward to some crisp, refreshing, anything-but-bland beer to share with friends and loved ones.  Out in the open. 


Beer wastage during pandemic

As many of our readers will know from lived experience, this pandemic has caused a whole lot of beer wastage—millions upon millions of dollars worth


The IPA Origin Story

We’ve often come across the origin story for IPAs going something like this:  The Brits needed to ship their beer to their Indian colony, and



In honor of a completed “Dry January,” this February, the team at The Session has been “Embracing The Foam”. Beer foam, “head”, or “the crown”


Uh oh…Inflation -_-

As all of America and much of the rest of the world is aware, the underlying tax called ‘inflation’ is currently doing a number on


Let’s Go Waaay Back

Let’s go back to around 7,000 years ago, to the land of Israel. Recent archaeological discoveries have shown evidence of strainer type objects that researchers

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