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Welcome to The Session – a discussion of all things related to our favorite tipples and how they’re made, marketed, and imbibed.  

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Become a Brewmaster!

So you love beer, love trying new recipes, have a yearning to brew on your own—why not become a Brew Master and live your beer-brewing

What Sports Fans Drink the Most?

Have you ever wondered, while you are sitting on the couch at home watching your favorite football or baseball or basketball team with a cold

Mushroom Brews

Did you think yeast was the only fungus one could use to brew excellent tasting beer? If so, you have been missing the trending ‘mushroom

Craft 23 anniversary

How many of our Session readers have made the journey (from wherever you are in the world) to Bangkok, Thailand? If you have braved the

SEAbrew Convention

Following the phenomenal, inspiring news from last month’s Session articles sharing that OKTOBERFEST is back, today we announce that SEABrew Fest is back too! Running

GABF follow up

Who else made it to the marvelous Great American Beer Festival 2022 in Denver, CO, a few weeks back? If not, our readers certainly missed

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