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Welcome to The Session – a discussion of all things related to our favorite tipples and how they’re made, marketed, and imbibed.  

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Beer is alive in Thailand!

In our Session post from last month, May 23rd specifically, we went in detail sharing information  about Chit’s Craft Beer Academy. Wichit Saiklo, the brave

Homebrew Con

By The Session’s next publishing date, the 2022 Homebrew Con brought together by the American Homebrewer Association will be upon us! This is an incredibly

Homebrew benefits

Let’s take you back to an evening where you were either relaxing on your couch, sitting outside enjoying a warm early summer day, or knocking

Chit’s Craft Beer Academy

What comes to mind when a friend or family member tells you he or she is going to Bangkok, Thailand for vacation? Beaches, shopping, cheap

Beer down under

We pride ourselves on being a global organization here at The Session, so let’s take a trip to the Land Down Under to discover some

The weirdest beer ingredients

In our March edition of The Session, we shared an article about the rise of earth-friendly, organic ingredients over the past few years as America

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