A Beer Motorcycle?!

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In recent years, the craft beer industry has been witnessing a surge in innovative ideas and experimental creations. While the primary focus of craft breweries remains the creation of unique and flavorful beer, some craft enthusiasts have been pushing the boundaries of experimentation by exploring alternative uses for beer. One such example (a really cool one!!!) is the creation of a beer-powered motorcycle. This pursuit has captured the attention of beer and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Craft beer, motorcycle riding—what could be more interesting than that?!

Introduce a Minnesota man named Ky Michaelson, who has spent years developing rocket-fueled engines for various types of vehicles. From his garage, where he invents his masterpieces, he has recently been showing off his beer-fueled motorcycle—too cool! The engine—if you can call it that—is actually a keg attached to the side of the cycle. When heated to upwards of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the beer becomes steam that gets the engine cooking. In the video (link below), Michaelson shows off the raw power of the bike as he triggers the gas and thrusts the superheated steam out of two nozzles at the back. The motorcycle can hit speeds of 150mph using this beer steam!

Admittedly, the keg can be filled with other liquids to achieve a similar effect, but it’s nice to see that one could theoretically use his leftover beer for good, rather than let it go to waste!

Craft brewers, as has been highlighted in other Session articles, have also explored uses for beer as an alternative energy source to power their facilities. Biogas, a source of energy left as a byproduct of the brewing process, is also being used to lessen the need for standard energy sources. With the craft beer industry thriving on innovation and relying on it to survive, we at the Session have little doubt that the near future will bring even more amazing creations to better the world. We share a collective excitement and say CHEERS for the future!


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