Science behind beer flavor and aroma

At this point in our brewing careers, we each know the simple ingredients that are used to create delicious, refreshing beer. Do you know how your hops, malt, yeast, and water play critical roles in the final taste profile of each of your brews? Let’s dig a bit deeper into each ingredient in this article […]

Beer wastage

As almost all of our readers will attest, the beer brewing process is an intricate one requiring precision, great attention to detail, and focus! A significant concern for brewers, from novice to seasoned, is the amount of waste generated during the standard brew cycle. From the initial milling and mashing stage, to boiling and fermentation, […]

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Do any of our readers remember the days we used to fool our gullible friends into drinking some O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic beer, making them think they were so cool to be drinking it underage? Well, hopefully it wasn’t just the writers of The Session who fell for this age-old trick! Regardless, the beer scene has been […]

Beer inflation

Have you heard the bad news? Inflation continues to put a damper on everyone in the market, even us in the brewing industry! Inflation in the beer brewing industry is having a significant impact on craft brewers, as the rising cost of ingredients and other inputs is squeezing profit margins and making it harder for […]

Beer drinking during the Super Bowl

With the NFL playoffs in full swing and the Super Bowl right around the corner, the Session wanted to take a deeper dive into one of America’s favorite beer drinking holidays–the Super Bowl! According to a Nielsen study, beer sales in the United States typically spike during the Super Bowl and NFL playoffs. In fact, […]

Craft Beer Growth in India

While population growth has begun to taper off in booming destinations such as China, India has taken over as one of the prime locations for growth as we move into 2023. Going hand in hand with an increase in the young Indian population is the significant rise in craft beer popularity. According to the All […]

Different beer brewing methods explained

While it is assumed that most of our loyal readers are seasoned in their art of brewing, this December Session edition will dive a bit deeper into the various beer brewing methods and their differences. To start, there are three popular methods to choose between when starting your first brew: Extract brewing, Partial mash, and […]


How much do you know about the influence of grains and malts when it comes to your brew? We, at The Session, chose to dive in a bit here to determine the optimal grain and malt profile for brewers to achieve the exact taste they are looking for in their brews! Here is what we […]


Remember, remember, the 5th of December. Happy Repeal Day! By the time this Session article will be published, Repeal Day will be long past, but let’s take some time to commemorate this special day in beer history, December 5th. We arrived at this holiday thanks to the now infamous date of January 20, 1920, when […]

Become a Brewmaster!

So you love beer, love trying new recipes, have a yearning to brew on your own—why not become a Brew Master and live your beer-brewing dreams every day? Even more, be looked at and sought out around the world for your keen brewing expertise. What can be better than that, right? Thankfully, for our Session […]