Beer is alive in Thailand!

In our Session post from last month, May 23rd specifically, we went in detail sharing information  about Chit’s Craft Beer Academy. Wichit Saiklo, the brave Thai citizen who weathered the intense laws against craft beer brewing in Thailand to build a reputation, will no longer need to deal with those crazy penalties. Craft beer brewing […]

Homebrew Con

By The Session’s next publishing date, the 2022 Homebrew Con brought together by the American Homebrewer Association will be upon us! This is an incredibly exciting event hosted this year in Pittsburgh, PA. If any of our readers have yet to be privy to this occasion in the past, let us break it down for […]

Homebrew benefits

Let’s take you back to an evening where you were either relaxing on your couch, sitting outside enjoying a warm early summer day, or knocking the edge off with an ice cold beer. First, we at The Session sure hope you don’t have to search back too far in your mind to bring back a […]

Chit’s Craft Beer Academy

What comes to mind when a friend or family member tells you he or she is going to Bangkok, Thailand for vacation? Beaches, shopping, cheap massages, partying, really bad hangovers, and more, right? Bangkok has a huge reputation thanks to incredulous movies and stories galore, but it has never been known as a craft beer […]

Beer down under

We pride ourselves on being a global organization here at The Session, so let’s take a trip to the Land Down Under to discover some interesting facts about the impressive Australian beer culture. We travel back to the 18th century, when rum was still the poison of choice for the people colonizing and developing the […]

The weirdest beer ingredients

In our March edition of The Session, we shared an article about the rise of earth-friendly, organic ingredients over the past few years as America (and the rest of the world) pushes a greener agenda. The piece started off with a mention for the four most common, well known beer ingredients: malt, hops, yeast, and […]

Strange Beer Names

So one of The Session’s loyal readers arrives in a new city for the first time. Where is he or she to go first? Some people will visit popular tourist spots and take pictures, enjoy the local landmarks and absorb the culture. This is fair. However, the traveler well-versed in the art of wanderlust knows […]

Are Robots Taking Over?

“Robots will be able to do everything better than us…I am not sure exactly what to do about this. This is really the scariest problem to me.” While some of the thought leaders in the AI movement like Elon Musk (quoted above) are apprehensive—or even outright fearful—of a future full of robots, many in the […]

Health Benefits of Craft Beer

Have you guys heard the good news? At The Session, we believe it should be HEADLINE news in every bar and restaurant around the world! There are ample benefits to drinking (in moderation, of course…) craft beer! We take a moment to stop and to commemorate this great piece of science… So, the obvious next […]

The growth of Craft Spirits and the Brewstillery Concept

Much like the data we used to show the huge rise in the craft beer market over the last 5 years, the craft spirit market is showing much of the same! The US craft spirits market is expected to reach values of over $20B by 2023. These numbers were all found pre-COVID, of course, but […]