The Science Behind Perfecting Beer Flavor Profiles

Crafting the perfect beer is a marriage of art and science. Just as a painter needs a deep understanding of color and technique, a brewer must comprehend the intricacies of ingredients, chemistry, and fermentation to achieve a specific flavor profile. This article delves into the science behind perfecting those flavors. Cheers! Malted Barley & Sugars […]

Beer & Thermometers: A Love Story of Taste & Quality

Grab a frosty mug, dear Session readers, as we embark on a sizzling (or chilling) journey into the world of beer and temperature. Ever wonder why that summer lager tastes so refreshing on a hot day, but that stout is cozier in December? It’s not just magic or wizardry—it’s science! Let’s explore the dance between […]

The Magic Behind Your Pint: Yeast’s Role in Crafting Beer

Today, at The Session, we’ll toast to an unsung hero in our beer universe: the mighty yeast. While hops, water, and malt often hog the spotlight, it’s the tiny yeast that truly brings life to our beloved brews. Dive with us into the foamy depths to unravel the secrets of yeast and its pivotal role […]

Beer City

Have you heard the legend of Beer City? Let us take you back to a time in the late 1800s to an amazing little town known as Beer City. Many believe they have heard it all about the Wild West, but this tale will give you a new bit to chat about at your local […]

Canned Cocktails for convenience!

Imagine this: you are relaxing on a sun-drenched beach, gentle waves lapping against the shore, filling your ears with a calm, rhythmic sound. In your hand, you are holding an ice cold can you just pulled from your cooler, promising an array of flavors for your senses. Sounds amazing, right?! This dreamlike scenario has become […]

Hazy IPA Trend

In the craft beer realm, where innovation knows no bounds, a new trend has emerged as a bearer of flavor complexity and hop-forward artistry: welcome the Hazy IPA generation. This style has transformed the way many perceive India Pale Ales, while also redefining the countless possibilities of the hoppy spectrum. Join us as we dig […]

The Rise of Hop Water: A Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Beverage

As the craft beer industry continues to evolve, so does the demand for unique and innovative non-alcoholic alternatives. Other articles of The Session have dove into some of these options—mainly non-alcoholic beer—but a new trend is emerging: hop water. Hop water is a refreshing beverage that captures the aroma and flavorful essence of hops. The […]

Taproom Popularity: A Return to Community Post-Pandemic

In the wake of the global pandemic, the craft beer industry—like many others—has faced unprecedented challenges. Fortunately, as the world begins to recover and global restrictions dissipate, there is a growing sense of optimism and excitement within the industry. Craft beer and taprooms are experiencing a strong resurgence in popularity, serving as beacons of community, […]

Craft beer in the USA, from the pilgrims to today!

When the adventurous Pilgrims set foot on American soil in the early 17th century, they brought with them more than just dreams of exploring the new world. They brought with them language, culture, ideas, and tradition—beer being one (if not the most) important! From the humble beginnings of beer in the Americas, the United States […]

Unleashing Creativity: Exceptional Marketing Tactics by Craft Beer Brands

In the highly competitive world of craft beer, standing out from the crowd is crucial. With an explosion of new breweries and an ever-expanding consumer base, craft beer brands are constantly seeking innovative marketing tactics to capture the desired attention of beer enthusiasts. In this article, The Session explores the realm of craft beer marketing […]