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So you love beer, love trying new recipes, have a yearning to brew on your own—why not become a Brew Master and live your beer-brewing dreams every day? Even more, be looked at and sought out around the world for your keen brewing expertise. What can be better than that, right? Thankfully, for our Session readers, in this article we will lay out the groundwork and steps necessary to make this dream of so many into a reality! Let’s get started—

The first step to breaking into the brewing world is to get your degree. Learning all you can through courses in microbiology, chemistry, engineering, or fermentation science will provide you a distinct advantage when it comes to brewing beer. If you have already passed the college days, there are a number of brewing courses interested persons can take to gain experience and better understanding regarding the brewing process.

Armed with new brewing knowledge, a sensible next step is to delve into brewing at home. This exercise will help to build a better working understanding of the various processes, how different ingredients and yeast work together, and more. Once you feel proud of your brewing productions, a great suggestion is to enter brewing contests in your local market. Along with receiving feedback on your beer, you can also start to become a recognizable face in the community.

The next steps require gaining more experience. Often it is best for inexperienced persons to volunteer at local breweries before landing a full-time job. Once you find this coveted first gig, you are off to the races! Continue to work your way up in the brewery by learning how each piece of equipment works, the technical details, and just pay attention! As you keep moving up, communicate with your employer your clear desires to become a brew master instead of just a typical employee. The Cicerone Certification Program will also help interested parties to hone their craft!

All in all, gaining experience and soaking up knowledge like a sponge will be invaluable in one’s pursuit to becoming a Master Brewer. College degrees and other brewing programs can help with vital background knowledge, as well as getting your foot in the door for a brewery job. However, nothing can beat experience, experience, experience! We hope to drink some Session readers’ brewed beer someday soon!




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