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The growing popularity of craft beer over the last few years has opened numerous doors for all people–most of our Session readers for sure–interested in the art of brewing. Breweries continue to pop up in neighborhoods around the country and around the world as well. While everyone certainly enjoys drinking craft beer, a growing number of persons have had their interests piqued to learning how to brew beer that fits their individual flavor profiles to perfection! This has led to an increase in schools offering various beer brewing classes–even some degrees! For our readers, The Session writers explored some of the best course offerings around.

Whether a student is interested in learning how to brew beer at home or is passionate about the exact science behind the ideal brew, schools around the country are ready to serve (education, not beer!!). Course offerings indeed run the gamut, and can play a significant role in beginning a career in the craft beer industry! The top three ranked colleges for learning to brew beer are the Seibel Institute of Technology in Chicago, the University of California Davis, and the University of Northern Colorado.

Seibel Institute of Technology: One of the oldest and most respected brewing schools in the world, offering a variety of courses ranging from basic brewing to advanced techniques.

University of California Davis is best known for its brewing science program, which covers the science of brewing as well as the practical aspects of beer production.

University of Northern Colorado: Offers a degree program in brewing, as well as a variety of courses and workshops for both home brewers and professionals.

In conclusion, there has been a direct, positive correlation between the popularity rise in craft beer and universities offering brewing programs. This has led to an incredible amount of opportunity for craft beer lovers of all ages to gain experience in whatever sectors of the brewing industry they love the most. The schools and programs pioneering higher education in craft beer will lead to an explosion of knowledgeable brew-oriented people in the near future.

We can CHEERS to that!

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