Beer Drinking during NCAA Basketball

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As the March Madness of the NCAA Basketball tournament grips millions of excited fans around the nation, we at the Session decided to explore the relationship between ‘game day’ and beer drinking. Not surprisingly, the correlation is strikingly positive. Whether drinking beer at the stadium, at a local bar amongst friends, or at home while anxiously coaching your team from the couch, watching college basketball certainly leads to more beer being drunk!

Starting at the stadium, beer drinking often takes place during pregame tailgates. While tailgating is not specific to NCAA basketball games–likely less popular than a college football tailgate–college students and passionate adult fans use tailgate time as a perfect opportunity to celebrate their team’s impending victory (hopefully), or atleast to loosen up and prepare to get loud in the stadium! Beer being marked up to game day prices inside the arena itself mitigates the game time drinking a bit, but it is challenging to keep a passionate fan from getting his or her fill!

Beer drinking away from the stadium during an NCAA basketball game is enhanced by local bars and restaurants often offering game day specials, happy hours, and more. These discounts can lead to a significant amount of fans attending, eating, and imbibing a bit more than they would on a typical evening.

We would be remiss if we failed to note that excessive drinking during games by college students (or adults) can be quite hazardous, both in terms of health and safety. The Session writers hope, in sharing this article, that readers will remain cognisant of potential issues of binge drinking during game day and will find ways to responsibly support your team! Most importantly, try not to get too caught up in the madness of March.

We wish your team the best of luck!


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