Beer is alive in Thailand!

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In our Session post from last month, May 23rd specifically, we went in detail sharing information  about Chit’s Craft Beer Academy. Wichit Saiklo, the brave Thai citizen who weathered the intense laws against craft beer brewing in Thailand to build a reputation, will no longer need to deal with those crazy penalties. Craft beer brewing is alive in Thailand!

While The Session likes to consider itself a harbinger for change–being we broached this subject in last month’s edition–the truth is that this decision has been a long time coming! Many people have been challenging the long-held monopolies of Singha and Thai Beverage Company (Chang Beer). As we wrote, homebrewing is a passion for numerous Thai citizens who can now turn their behind closed doors operations into money-making ventures.

The impact this decision of the Thai Parliament to push forward the “Progressive Liquor Act” will have is immense and is very exciting for all beer enthusiasts in the Land of Smiles. Thailand now has even more going for it as tourism boosts back up in a post-Covid 19 world. We, at The Session, look forward to bringing more updates and exciting news in the near future. For now, we will see you in Bangkok for a nice, fresh, locally brewed craft beer! We can CHEERS to that!


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