Beers without Beards?

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What are some of the first images that pop into your head when you think of a craft beer brewer, a beer lover, a brewing connoisseur? Big, hearty men, guys sporting crafty, thick beards, a group of frat bros sitting at the edge of their seats watching the football match…but how about strong, independent women?

Only 2% (as of March 2022) of brewery owned businesses are made up of female owners. Following the typical beer-drinker stereotypes listed above, we can see why. The Session dove deeper into this phenomenon, thankfully discovering that the future is looking a lot more bright, and females are driving these trends!

Groups have popped up in the US and beyond connecting women who love getting together with friends to drink beer! These women are happy to buck the male driven stereotypes behind the beverage being drunk throughout the world, historically for over 7,000 years! The fifth annual “Beers With(out) Beards” event was hosted in Portland, ME in early April of this year. After two years of remote celebrating, the event was held in person and was another booming success. Over 35 women or femme-identifying brewery owners participated in showing the attendees that really great tasting beer can be brewed and enjoyed universally, not just by men!

So next time you are sitting at the brewery enjoying your craft of choice, scoot over and make some room for the ladies coming to join the party–or be prepared while she maneuvers effectively to take your spot altogether.




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