Best Beer for your Zodiac Sign

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So Craft Chris and his friends stroll into the brand new craft taphouse, a bar flaunting a menu of hundreds of craft beer offerings–exciting, right?!

Craft Chris, a seasoned drinker, knows the flavor profile he most enjoys in his brews, so he quickly scans the big board of beer and makes his choice; an exciting IPA brewed on premise! Craft Chris’ most common drinking partner, Joe Chill, knows quickly too his preferences, so he peruses and chooses a strong stout brew to begin the evening of imbibing! When the bartender ranges over to the third friend, Rookie Alex, they both notice him a bit stressed with his eyes frantically darting all across the board.

“What should I choose? There are so many options!”

Being the great friend Craft Chris is, he orders Rookie Alex a double IPA with a strong bitterness. He loves it! When he asks how Chris could know the perfect brew to order him, Chris mentions some research he did suggesting the best beer to drink depending on one’s Zodiac sign. Cool! The Session explored this phenomenon a bit further to help our readers be more like Craft Chris and Joe Chill, than Rookie Alex.

World-renowned beer sommelier, Max Bakker, gave an interview in 2018 to help dig in on the flavor profiles preferred for each respective Zodiac.

Aries: A Double IPA with powerful hop aromas and strong flavors

Taurus: An Irish Stout with a lingering presence

Gemini: A hard seltzer, light and refreshing

Cancer: An American Amber Ale, with a comforting taste

Leo: An American Barleywine, a drink with personality!

Virgo: A Munich Helles, a wonderful balance of sweetness and bitterness

Libra: An English brown ale to match a sweet taste to their sweet demeanor

Scorpio: A barrel-aged stout, stubborn as ever!

Sagittarius: A Belgian tripel, for the road less traveled

Capricorn: A German-style Pilsner, for tradition’s sake!

Aquarius: An IPA, moderate, trustworthy, and loved by many

Pisces: A Berliner weiss style, both lively and friendly!

So, do you agree with Mr. Bakker’s beliefs? We at The Session would love to see your feedback. Let us know! To read deeper, check out more from the interview here:




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