Brewery Hotel, home of the ‘world’s strongest beer’

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We, at The Session, welcome everyone to the Czech Republic, Prague more specifically, for this next article of the month. We are excited to be writing (theoretically) from Prague because we are stationed at U MEDVIDKU, the famous Brewery hotel. This small hotel is located at the center of the city, near plenty of historical landmarks to visit—if you can leave the hotel at all! It might be a bit challenging to get motivated when you have spent the day throwing back some of the X-Beer33, proudly marketed by the Brewery hotel as the strongest beer in the world! The Session writers dove a bit deeper to learn more about this alluring brew.

The X-Beer33, brewed at the X-BEER mini-brewery, is made just like any standard beer using traditional technology. The mash is created using the greatest quantity of malt and caramel malt allowable to maximize effectiveness. While the mini-brewery keeps its extraction tactics of the original hopped wort a tight secret, the company is willing to disclose that the strength is achieved through barley malt alone. An extended 30-week fermentation process succeeds the brewing process and finally we are left with a potent brew with an alcohol content of 12.6%!

A word of warning to excited drinkers, the X-Beer’s mix of alcohol, sugar content, and higher hopping leads to a remarkably quicker rate of absorption. Drink it slowly and with caution, otherwise one will have trouble leaving the hotel at all to see the beauty of Prague!

For the record (we can hear our readers yelling as they read), there are far more powerful brews on the market today than the X-Beer33, maybe you have tried them! The one coming in at the top is the Brewmeister Snake Venom hailing out of Scotland at 67.5%ABV. It looks like the brewers at the Brewery Hotel, home to the (self-proclaimed) strongest beer in the world, have to step their game up to catch the Scots!




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