Canned Cocktails for convenience!

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Imagine this: you are relaxing on a sun-drenched beach, gentle waves lapping against the shore, filling your ears with a calm, rhythmic sound. In your hand, you are holding an ice cold can you just pulled from your cooler, promising an array of flavors for your senses. Sounds amazing, right?!

This dreamlike scenario has become much more of a reality with the introduction of Canned Cocktails and Ready-to-Drink beverages. We no longer must spend time looking up cocktail recipes, shopping for ingredients, and hoping we craft a cocktail to be enjoyed by ourselves and others: we can buy it in a can! Canned Cocktails are not only convenient but they are also created with measured precision, taking away the guesswork that usually goes into making drinks in your kitchen! Further, they can be brought anywhere the party is—at the beach, pool, tailgating, or even just strolling around your neighborhood. Some examples of the most in-demand canned cocktails include the Margarita Spitz, Mellow Mule in a Can, and the Elderflower Fizz.

The Margarita Spritz precisely combines the tangy punch of a margarita with the elegance of sparkling wine. This beautiful concoction marries the boldness of tequila and the taste of bubbles in one charming can. Rather than spending time squeezing limes or measuring spirits, we can simply pop the tab on a can and start the party!

The Mellow Mule in a Can, like the Spritz, makes for an incredibly convenient party in a can, per se. The excellent blend of vodka, ginger beer, and lime creates a taste that usually takes quite an effort to create! Camping in the woods, lounging on a balcony, or starting the party with your friends on NFL Sunday is easy with this RTD beverage.

Third, the Elderflower Fizz, combines brilliantly the floral notes of elderflower liqueur with the classy sparkle of Prosecco. This elegant drink adds a nice, romantic touch to any evening. We, at The Session, recommend pouring this lovely drink into a separate glass while your date isn’t looking, so you can take the credit for an expertly made cocktail of course!! 😉 😉 😉

Writing this article has us craving a Canned Cocktail right now, so we think it’s about time to try one out.



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