Become a Brewmaster!

So you love beer, love trying new recipes, have a yearning to brew on your own—why not become a Brew Master and live your beer-brewing dreams every day? Even more, be looked at and sought out around the world for your keen brewing expertise. What can be better than that, right? Thankfully, for our Session […]

What Sports Fans Drink the Most?

Have you ever wondered, while you are sitting on the couch at home watching your favorite football or baseball or basketball team with a cold beer in hand, ‘is everyone just like me?’ ‘Does everyone drink beer while he or she is watching the game?’ Thankfully, there are studies to show whether fans are drinking […]

Mushroom Brews

Did you think yeast was the only fungus one could use to brew excellent tasting beer? If so, you have been missing the trending ‘mushroom brews,’ being experimented with over the last decade in various places throughout the US and Europe! We start by bringing our readers to Troegs Brewery, in Pennsylvania, also known as […]

Craft 23 anniversary

How many of our Session readers have made the journey (from wherever you are in the world) to Bangkok, Thailand? If you have braved the trip, your love and passion for craft beer both may have brought you to the craft bar we will celebrate today: Craft Sukhumvit 23! First, we wish the bar a […]

SEAbrew Convention

Following the phenomenal, inspiring news from last month’s Session articles sharing that OKTOBERFEST is back, today we announce that SEABrew Fest is back too! Running the last weekend of October, the Southeast Asia Brew Fest will return to Bangkok, Thailand for the first time since 2019. We, at the Session, are excited! While not nearly […]

GABF follow up

Who else made it to the marvelous Great American Beer Festival 2022 in Denver, CO, a few weeks back? If not, our readers certainly missed out! The Session writers were there to witness and to share in celebration with the thousands of people also there from around the world. Some of the exhibition set ups […]

Is Urine the Answer?

Brewers and water treatment experts alike in Singapore have been doing their absolute best—thinking outside the box for sure—to ensure that craft beer brewing has a place in the future, no matter the challenges expected to arise through climate change. Thanks to this phenomenon, the world has begun to experience more drought-like conditions in the […]

Pandemic-Era Success Stories

Undaunted in the face of pandemic shortages and lack of tourist-driven demand, three breweries in cities around the small island chain of Indonesia all successfully launched during the heart of the health crisis and have lived to tell about it! Islands of imagination, Island Brewing, and Kura Kura are the three establishments that have rode […]

Oktoberfest is Back!!

Attention! Attention! Did you hear the big news?! For the first time in three long, boring, arduous years, Oktoberfest is back in Munich, Germany. The people are excited!!! While a predominant number of the visitors at the Theresienwiese (the festival location) are attendees from the Bavaria region in Germany, the event has hosted millions of […]

New Craft Beer flavors to try before the end of 2022!

The well-known Gayot ‘The Guide to the Good Life’ online magazine released their latest list of top craft beers to try at the beginning of August. Rather than endorse any one type of brew or take away from Gayot’s article, The Session went through all the suggestions—along with our own observed trends—to share some of […]