Master Your Craft: The Perks of In-House Brewing and Self-Distribution

In the bustling world of craft beer, where the tap handles of innovation are always pouring new and exciting flavors, the route you take to get your beer into the hands of thirsty patrons can make all the difference. For many craft brewers, the choice between self-distribution and relying on outside distributors is crucial. In […]

Cheers to Change: Celebrating Diversity’s Rise in the Craft Brewing Scene

Happy, new days are here, dear Session readers! As we raise our glasses to the vibrant world of craft brewing, it’s impossible not to notice the colorful changes that have taken root in this industry we cherish. Gone are the days when the brewing landscape seemed monochromatic. Today, we’re toasting to a spectrum of inclusion […]

The Ultimate Brew Journey: Riding the Wave of Craft Beer Tourism

Pack your bags, grab your favorite tasting glass, and lace up those comfortable walking shoes—the Session is about to embark on an adventure into the heart of craft beer tourism! With the world opening after the pandemic hiatus, travel-happy beer lovers are hitting the road with a thirst for discovery. From the hoppy heights of […]

Blurred Lines: The Daring World of Beer-Spirit Hybrids

Hello, fellow flavor adventurers and craft connoisseurs! Today, we’re embarking on an exhilarating journey, one that defies the boundaries of brewing and distilling as we know it. Hold onto your pint glasses and shot glasses alike as we delve into the innovative and slightly rebellious realm of beer-spirit hybrids. Yes, you heard that right! This […]

Unleash the Brewmaster Within: 3 Electrifying Reasons to Brew Your Own Beer

Hello, dear Session readers! Have you ever stood in the beer aisle, frustrated by the same old choices, dreaming of something fresher, more personalized? Maybe it’s time to leap into the frothy, tantalizing journey of brewing your own beer. Join us as we uncork the magic behind homebrewing and explore three intoxicating reasons why brewing […]

A Toast to Change: The Direct-to-Consumer Revolution in Beer Sales Post-Covid

Greetings to our dedicated Session readers! As we navigate the post-pandemic world, it’s clear that Covid-19 has reshaped many aspects of our lives, particularly how we dine, shop, and yes, enjoy our beloved brews. One of the most striking changes in the beer industry has been the seismic shift towards direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales. So, grab […]

The Science Behind Perfecting Beer Flavor Profiles

Crafting the perfect beer is a marriage of art and science. Just as a painter needs a deep understanding of color and technique, a brewer must comprehend the intricacies of ingredients, chemistry, and fermentation to achieve a specific flavor profile. This article delves into the science behind perfecting those flavors. Cheers! Malted Barley & Sugars […]

Beer & Thermometers: A Love Story of Taste & Quality

Grab a frosty mug, dear Session readers, as we embark on a sizzling (or chilling) journey into the world of beer and temperature. Ever wonder why that summer lager tastes so refreshing on a hot day, but that stout is cozier in December? It’s not just magic or wizardry—it’s science! Let’s explore the dance between […]

The Magic Behind Your Pint: Yeast’s Role in Crafting Beer

Today, at The Session, we’ll toast to an unsung hero in our beer universe: the mighty yeast. While hops, water, and malt often hog the spotlight, it’s the tiny yeast that truly brings life to our beloved brews. Dive with us into the foamy depths to unravel the secrets of yeast and its pivotal role […]

Beer City

Have you heard the legend of Beer City? Let us take you back to a time in the late 1800s to an amazing little town known as Beer City. Many believe they have heard it all about the Wild West, but this tale will give you a new bit to chat about at your local […]