Are Robots Taking Over?

“Robots will be able to do everything better than us…I am not sure exactly what to do about this. This is really the scariest problem to me.” While some of the thought leaders in the AI movement like Elon Musk (quoted above) are apprehensive—or even outright fearful—of a future full of robots, many in the […]

Health Benefits of Craft Beer

Have you guys heard the good news? At The Session, we believe it should be HEADLINE news in every bar and restaurant around the world! There are ample benefits to drinking (in moderation, of course…) craft beer! We take a moment to stop and to commemorate this great piece of science… So, the obvious next […]

The growth of Craft Spirits and the Brewstillery Concept

Much like the data we used to show the huge rise in the craft beer market over the last 5 years, the craft spirit market is showing much of the same! The US craft spirits market is expected to reach values of over $20B by 2023. These numbers were all found pre-COVID, of course, but […]

Organic Beer

We all know beer is famous for its common ingredients: malt, hops, yeast, and water. Do you as a brewer or (many times more frequently) as a beer drinker ever focus on where these three farmed ingredients plus the water come from? The brewing industry has responded to today’s demographic trends where people are far […]

Premium Beer is the Way!

The Covid-19 pandemic, as almost all people are aware, has changed consumption patterns, buying habits, and a desire for customers to buy ‘known,’ quality brands. With a concern for safety and overall well-being, people have sought out recognizable, staple brands they feel comfortable consuming. Interestingly, the same trend has caught on with beer drinkers. People […]

Let’s Go Waaay Back

Let’s go back to around 7,000 years ago, to the land of Israel. Recent archaeological discoveries have shown evidence of strainer type objects that researchers have indeed concluded had to be used to strain beer. Pottery strainers were found to have leftover cereal and yeast residue, suggesting fermentation devices for beer production. Even better, the […]

Uh oh…Inflation -_-

As all of America and much of the rest of the world is aware, the underlying tax called ‘inflation’ is currently doing a number on consumer prices and confidence as we collectively work our way out of the global pandemic. Here, at The Session, we pride ourselves on being as optimistic as humanly possible, alas […]


In honor of a completed “Dry January,” this February, the team at The Session has been “Embracing The Foam”. Beer foam, “head”, or “the crown” as some refer to it, makes a huge impact on the flavor of the beer our readers drink. Let’s explore… Foam makes an immediate effect as it touches your lips […]

The IPA Origin Story

We’ve often come across the origin story for IPAs going something like this:  The Brits needed to ship their beer to their Indian colony, and found that by adding extra hops it helped battle staleness and spoilage that was bound to happen on such long voyages.  Thus, the India Pale Ale was born. This, while […]

Beer wastage during pandemic

As many of our readers will know from lived experience, this pandemic has caused a whole lot of beer wastage—millions upon millions of dollars worth of brewed beer down the drain. In the UK alone, an estimated 87 million pints of beer had been wasted, and that was a number from early on in 2021! […]