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What comes to mind when a friend or family member tells you he or she is going to Bangkok, Thailand for vacation? Beaches, shopping, cheap massages, partying, really bad hangovers, and more, right? Bangkok has a huge reputation thanks to incredulous movies and stories galore, but it has never been known as a craft beer haven. It should be, right? The Session thinks so too…

Unfortunately, strict adherence to an antiquated law passed to conserve the industry’s status quo has kept the curious, creative Thai people from exploring the wonders of the craft beer scene. One man, however, refuses to accept the situation. Introducing Wichit Saiklo, a former colonel with the Thai army, who believes this rule is one that cannot be followed!

With his fully operating–and totally illegal–brewhouse on a small island just a quick ride on the river from Bangkok, Chit sells his beer, shares happy times with thousands of customers, teaches at the Chit Beer Academy, and pays hefty, frequent fines! It’s all worth it to him, though, as he is so passionate about teaching Thai people the joys of brewing craft beer – which he learned while studying in the United States on a military scholarship.

Chit says he has no intention or desire to challenge the big swingers of the Thai beer scene, which makes the punitive actions of the Thai government that much more frustrating. “The Godfather,” as his students and admirers refer to him, just wants to unlock Thailand’s potential to brew delicious beer!

The Session can CHEERS to that!

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