Collaboration in the craft brew industry

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The craft beer industry is regarded for its creativity and innovation, and one way the brewers of today are pushing the envelope is through collaboration. By working together, breweries can share both their knowledge and expertise. This mindshare often results in unique and innovative beer styles that, without teamwork, would not have been possible! These collaborations have been growing in popularity over the past years, as brewers do their best to try to satisfy the never-satisfied customer of today. The Session explores how teamwork has led to brews of different styles and perspectives, spanning cross different regions of the world.

A first example of a successful brewery collaboration is the partnership between Evil Twin Brewing and Westbrook Brewing Company. Both South Carolina breweries came together to create a series of brews called the “Evil Twin/Westbrook Imperial Biscotti Break.” These brews are based on a classic Italian dessert and are brewed with coffee, vanilla, and almonds. The result is a rich, complex beer that has become a fan favorite among craft beer enthusiasts. Drinkers definitely benefit from the collaboration!

A second notable brewery collaboration is the partnership between well-known New Belgium Brewery and Hof Ten Dormaal, hailing out of Belgium. Together, these breweries created a beer called “Lips of Faith Gratzer.” This beer is a modern interpretation of a traditional Polish style brew and is brewed with oak-smoked wheat and Polish hops. This beer is both light and refreshing, with a subtle smoky flavor unique among craft brews.

A third example of a winning brewery collaboration is the western hemisphere-spanning alliance built between Firestone Walker Brewing Company of California and Beavertown Brewery of London. These two breweries came together to create a beer called “West Side Beavo.” This beer is a combination of two classic beer styles, the West Coast IPA and British Best Bitter. The result is a beer that is hoppy and flavorful, with a balanced bitterness reminiscent of traditional British beers. Sounds delicious!

While the three partnerships mentioned are prime examples, many successful brewery collaborations have taken place in the craft beer industry. By working together, breweries can create beers truly unique and innovative, and push the boundaries of what is possible with traditional brew styles. It will be exciting to witness what new styles will emerge as the craft industry continues to grow and to evolve. The Session wants to remind our readers: Teamwork makes the dream work!


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