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How many of our Session readers have made the journey (from wherever you are in the world) to Bangkok, Thailand? If you have braved the trip, your love and passion for craft beer both may have brought you to the craft bar we will celebrate today: Craft Sukhumvit 23! First, we wish the bar a happy anniversary! This is the establishment’s EIGHTH year serving customers and introducing Bangkokians to the wonderful world of craft!

CRAFT has spent the last 8 years carving a special place in the hearts of local residents and tourists alike. It hangs its hat on the stellar distinction of being the largest craft beer taphouse in all of Southeast Asia, boasting an impressive 40 taps rotating over 100 different craft beers curated from around the world. Visiting the outdoor space will get you into the craft beer drinking mode right away, with the unique, family friendly, ‘backyard’ setup, digital menus broadcasting the top brews of the day or week, and plenty of boisterous, smiling people! The international clientele brings a unique feel to CRAFT, one where everyone gets along and is excited to drink great beer!

CRAFT also offers delicious food, ranging from a top selection of barbecue, delicious tacos served from the attached Slanted Taco, pizza and more. Whisgars, a classy yet comforting whisky and cigar lounge, is connected to and located just behind. Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing brew, some quality tacos, or an evening discussion with your friends over cigars, the CRAFT establishment is the place for you! Again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to CRAFT23, we hope to see some of our Session readers there soon!

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