Craft Beer Growth in India

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While population growth has begun to taper off in booming destinations such as China, India has taken over as one of the prime locations for growth as we move into 2023. Going hand in hand with an increase in the young Indian population is the significant rise in craft beer popularity. According to the All India Brewers Association, the craft beer industry is currently experiencing a reported 20% annual growth rate. That is a substantial number! This trend is being driven by a growing number of young and urban consumers who are looking for a wider variety of flavor options, as well as a more unique and authentic drinking experience.

Indian youth desire to experience craft beer is being aided by a significant increase in the number of microbreweries and brewpub popping up in popular cities around the country. These smaller-scale operations are liberated to experiment with different ingredients, and brewing techniques, leading to unique flavor profiles previously unknown to the growing Indian market. As the Indian economy continues to boom, these younger Indian consumers have more expendable income to spend on novel craft brews, as opposed to mass produced beer popular in previous years.

Along with a growing demand for craft beer, microbreweries and brewpubs are being supported by friendly Indian governmental policies. The government, looking to influence the future of the Indian marketplace, have implemented rules that provide tax benefits and other incentives making it easier for businesses to open and to operate for the future.

Recent events like Tapped Mumbai have helped India gain recognition on a global scale for their unique craft beer flavors. Some of the more popular brands include (with cool, interesting names!) Simba Jungle Stout, White Rs hino IPA, and the White Owl Diablo Red Irish Ale. We, at the Session, know for sure we will be picking one of these Indian brews next time we see any of them on a menu!

In summary, craft beer in India is on the way up! With the high growth rate of 20% year on year, an adventurous population, and an encouraging government, expect continuing evolution from this country and region of the world. We are excited for it.


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