Embracing Locality: The Hyperlocal Craft Beer Trend

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Craft beer makes people feel welcome. Craft beer makes people feel special. Craft beer makes people feel like they are part of a community. Craft beer makes people feel like they belong!
Many of the feelings fostered in the craft beer industry are brought on by an emphasis on ‘hyperlocal’ brewing, the act of sourcing local ingredients and reflecting the flavors and traditions of their specific regions. The concept of hyperlocal brewing is still gaining a foothold in the marketplace, but the Session has found a few great examples to share with our readers.

First, the uniquely named Jester King Brewery, hailing from Austin, Texas. Jester King Brewery has become well-known in the area for its strong emphasis on sourcing ingredients from the surrounding areas, while also collaborating with local farmers and producers. They utilize nature and the interesting geographical environment surrounding the brewery. The brewery uses local well water, forages for wild yeast strains, and incorporates local Texas ingredients like prickly pear and mesquite to create their brews. Further, Jester King actively collaborates with nearby businesses in the local community to enhance the consumer experience.

A second example is across the pond at Wild Beer Co. in Somerset, England. This innovative, boundary-pushing brewery uses ingredients foraged from the English countryside to enhance its brews. Wild yeasts, local fruits, and harvested hops are productive ways Wild Beer Co. pays homage to the region’s culinary heritage and brings a distinct sense of place to their brews. Many of the recipes this brewery uses for its brews come from ‘forgotten’ recipes of Somerset’s rich brewing history and ancient brew culture. Sitting and drinking at this English brewery is certain to draw a sense of nostalgia and heritage in any interested craft beer drinker.

Hyperlocal brewing looks to be a growing trend for breweries across the world as consumers seek out traditional, regional flavors along with a sense of community connection when they drink. Through a commitment to sourcing local ingredients, engaging with neighboring businesses, and embracing local heritage, breweries have an awesome opportunity to create beers that reflect the distinct character of their respective regions. They bring craft beer enthusiasts on a journey, celebrating diverse flavors and cultures that make each venue unique.


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