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Who else made it to the marvelous Great American Beer Festival 2022 in Denver, CO, a few weeks back? If not, our readers certainly missed out! The Session writers were there to witness and to share in celebration with the thousands of people also there from around the world. Some of the exhibition set ups were unique, entertaining, very cool looking overall!

Here are a few of our favorites below:

What can be more relaxing than a trip to “THE BEER SPA?!”

“PROST!” straight from Germany

The bigger the beer can***, the better!!!

Winners were selected from a record-breaking 9.904 commercial brewery entries, ensuring that the judges were indeed picking from the best of the best! For those of our readers searching for the best brewery to visit in your nationwide travels, may the Session suggest a trip to North Park Beer Co. in San Diego, CA, which took home the honor of “Most-medaled Brewery”—a heck of a distinction!

The Session looks forward to meeting more of our readers at the GABF in 2023, which is bound to bring out even more of the best the craft beer industry has to offer.



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