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In the craft beer realm, where innovation knows no bounds, a new trend has emerged as a bearer of flavor complexity and hop-forward artistry: welcome the Hazy IPA generation. This style has transformed the way many perceive India Pale Ales, while also redefining the countless possibilities of the hoppy spectrum. Join us as we dig deeper into the landscapes of the Hazy IPA and explore a few of the most popular brands of this tasty, new drink!

Hazy IPAs have become a sensation to both the eyes and the palate in recent years. The hazy appearance these brews are categorized by is a result of suspended hop particles and proteins and is a testament to the true artistry of brewing. Hazy IPAs boast a tantalizing mix of tropical fruit notes, citrus bursts, and floral fragrances. This blend is noted by a soft, velvety feeling for one’s mouth, which helps make every sip an absolute delight! The cloudiness of the brew leads to an intense, yet rather balanced delivery.

While many brands have latched on to this IPA evolution, two have stood out in the crowd. First comes New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA—quite a mouthful just to say, let alone drink! This brewery takes the essence of Hazy IPAs and amplifies them with distinctive hop blends, leading to a hoppy taste that tickles the senses. Lagunitas Brewing Company also has added to their IPA profile with its Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. This brew blends wheat malt with hops to create a range of flavors leaving drinkers feeling silky smoothness. Yum!

Hazy IPAs are incredible manifestations of brewers’ passion, ingenuity, and yearning for more. As new brew variations continue to be created, we lovers of craft beer are lucky to be able to sit back and enjoy each of our favorite flavors. The Session can CHEERS to that!

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