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Let’s take you back to an evening where you were either relaxing on your couch, sitting outside enjoying a warm early summer day, or knocking the edge off with an ice cold beer. First, we at The Session sure hope you don’t have to search back too far in your mind to bring back a calming memory such as this! While millions of men and women around the world enjoy a refreshing cold one after a long day, a far smaller number take full control and choose to enter the wonderful world of homebrewing. If people took some time to realize even a few of the countless benefits of brewing his or her own beer, as opposed to purchasing and consuming, maybe the homebrew revolution would be greater!

Here are a few of the many reasons why all of our Session readers should give home brewing a shot:

  • Homemade beer can benefit your health!
    Similar to drinking red wine for its health benefits, beer has certain vitamin and protein profiles that can benefit your health too (when drunk in moderation)!!! When you brew at home, you control the ingredients and can tailor the beer to fit a healthier lifestyle.
  • Homemade beer as a gift
    Rather than buying a generic gift for your loved one this upcoming holiday season, why not brew him or her a brew with a specific flavor profile? You will be the most popular guest at the party when you show up with a small keg full of the “Birthday Boy’s Brew,” for example!
  • Enjoy Quality & Control
    Sticking along the health benefits line, when you brew your own beer, you have complete control of what is going in. In a 21st century where so many parts of life are difficult to anticipate, with homebrewed beer, you have control.
  • Save cost over time!
    Along with the freedom of drinking beer with the exact flavor profile you prefer, you can drink happily knowing you are saving money over time. Purchasing ingredients can be expensive at first, but as you brew more often it will become far more valuable to brew at home rather than having to purchase 6-pack after 6-pack!
  • Be Social!
    While we have already established above some of the benefits of brewing beer on your own, home brewing is also a great neighborhood activity. Running small, friendly competitions, changing flavors for each neighbor on the block, and having monthly get-togethers to drink the latest brew are a few of the endless possibilities unlocked when you begin brewing at home!

The Session welcomes all into the enthusiastic, million person strong, age-old home brewing tradition. We hope to see you at the next convention!



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