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By The Session’s next publishing date, the 2022 Homebrew Con brought together by the American Homebrewer Association will be upon us! This is an incredibly exciting event hosted this year in Pittsburgh, PA. If any of our readers have yet to be privy to this occasion in the past, let us break it down for you here: this event is HUGE!

This year’s event will undoubtedly be even more impactful, being that proud homebrewers from around the world were stuck participating in a virtual conference thanks to the pandemic. 2022 is here, COVID is moving out, and the Homebrew Con is back. Let’s have a look at expected numbers and get an idea of what all these visitors will be witnessing at the conference…

The Homebrew Con is open exclusively to the large membership of the American Homebrewer Association. It is anticipated the event will welcome over 2,000 people, over 40 conventions, 50 or more expert speakers, and multiple well-known Homebrew Clubs. The schedule is vast, providing insight and knowledge of homebrewing guaranteed to interest all the attendees, from seasoned brewer to novice.

Some of the more interesting sessions, per The Session at least, include:

  • Lambics and Flanders for Dummies: An Average Homebrewer’s Sour Beer Journey
  • Know Grain, No Pain: Understanding Milling and Mashing
  • The Joy of Metamorphosing from Homebrewer to Pro Brewer

All in all, it looks like this year’s IN PERSON Conference will be entertaining, educational, and exciting! We look forward to seeing you there.



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