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Brewers and water treatment experts alike in Singapore have been doing their absolute best—thinking outside the box for sure—to ensure that craft beer brewing has a place in the future, no matter the challenges expected to arise through climate change. Thanks to this phenomenon, the world has begun to experience more drought-like conditions in the past decades. With craft beer being made up of over 90 percent water, the future lack of water predicted will certainly impact people’s ability to brew! Thankfully, Singapore’s Water Agency has the answer to keep beer as a popular beverage of choice in the future. Any guesses?

From the title of this article most of our observant readers should figure it out, despite how distasteful it might seem. Urine it is! As unbelievable as it may seem (to the writers at The Session as well), a company in Singapore called NEWater already sends recycled water, made from wastewater, to be used as water for industrial uses. The NEWater is also used for tap water in Singapore, for instances where the normal water supply has run low. The next logical conclusion, of course, is to use this recycled water source for the next most important thing after fresh water—beer!

NEWBREW proudly markets its beer as being made with 95% NEWater. The advertisement online does not clearly state that urine is one of the liquids recycled to create this NEWater, but we felt our readers deserved to know! The tropical blonde ale goes down smooth, according to a drinker interviewed by the BBC a few months back. So, for anyone looking to save the planet from future climate crises, head to Singapore to take a swig out of a NEWBREW. And If you can stomach it, be proud to proclaim that ‘Urine is the Answer!’



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