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Let’s go back to around 7,000 years ago, to the land of Israel. Recent archaeological discoveries have shown evidence of strainer type objects that researchers have indeed concluded had to be used to strain beer. Pottery strainers were found to have leftover cereal and yeast residue, suggesting fermentation devices for beer production. Even better, the discoveries pointed to the fact that the beer being made was used for social gatherings (read parties!), which is significant for it is many years before these types of structured events had been evidenced.

During the Chalcolithic period, 8,000 to 5,800 years ago, many important developments were made for the future of civilization, including farming abilities, craft building, social organization, and spiritual practices. Obviously, we know now that beer producing and drinking was involved with this too! It is purely a (maybe a bit radical) hypothesis to suggest beer drinking aided the outside the box thinking necessary for ancient people to improve farming and building. Clearly, brewing beer helps keep humankind moving forward.


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