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Did you think yeast was the only fungus one could use to brew excellent tasting beer? If so, you have been missing the trending ‘mushroom brews,’ being experimented with over the last decade in various places throughout the US and Europe! We start by bringing our readers to Troegs Brewery, in Pennsylvania, also known as the home of the Mushroom Ale. The Mushroom Ale was created using a mix of some of the most commonly used mushrooms for cooking—from shiitake to portabella with a bunch in between!

The secret is to use a powdered mix of the mushroom blend, as opposed to a liquid form, in order to make the brewing possible. Like with other recipes, brewers caution new users to ensure they have top quality mushrooms to deliver the best tasting brew. Curious to know what to expect out of a mushroom-brewed beer? Fans of the unique brew will tell you it tastes a bit earthy, coming in either the form of an ale or stout. To be frank, most people are unable to even tell they are drinking beer brewed with mushrooms, unless given the heads-up prior to.

Unfortunately, for some of our readers excited by the prospect of receiving mushroom-like reactions from the brew, will be disappointed to note that the beer itself will not be the cause of hallucinations or a deep trip. Drinkers will have to count on a mix of actual drugs along with their mushroom brew in order to receive a trippy experience, if it is sought after! Overall, though, mushroom beer continues to gain popularity as brewers stretch from conventional techniques into a new age!

Next time our readers have the opportunity, we hope you will give a strong, earthy, dense mushroom brew a try.




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