Pandemic-Era Success Stories

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Undaunted in the face of pandemic shortages and lack of tourist-driven demand, three breweries in cities around the small island chain of Indonesia all successfully launched during the heart of the health crisis and have lived to tell about it! Islands of imagination, Island Brewing, and Kura Kura are the three establishments that have rode the wave and are all excited to cash in on the tremendous market potential of craft beer in a land so recently dominated by larger companies. Indonesia is currently experiencing a percentage growth similar to that of surrounding Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

The demand for unique beer flavors helped keep the new breweries afloat during the crises of the last two years. Now, all are prepared for the excitement the future has in a beer crazy region of the world. Take it from Aaron Grieser, the experienced founder of Beervana, a company with a strong footprint about Asia, himself: “There is a gold rush for craft beer in Indonesia right now…the 2022-23 fiscal year is going to be the year of the craft beer boom”

We, at The Session, will be so thrilled for Mr. Grieser’s prediction to come through for all in the industry, but especially for the breweries brave enough to open during the pandemic. They prove that, despite many challenges either internal or external, a good plan to capture a market and (most importantly) great tasting craft beer can make people happy and build a wonderful success story.




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