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Following the phenomenal, inspiring news from last month’s Session articles sharing that OKTOBERFEST is back, today we announce that SEABrew Fest is back too! Running the last weekend of October, the Southeast Asia Brew Fest will return to Bangkok, Thailand for the first time since 2019. We, at the Session, are excited! While not nearly as popular or well known as Oktoberfest in Germany, the SEABrew Fest does a great job to bring together the region’s brewers, owners, distributors, and industry suppliers for a few days of exhibiting. The conference has served as an ideal meeting place for like-minded brewers and businesses alike, looking to launch novel ideas into the growing Southeast Asia craft brew industry.

The Session team is excited to sit in and listen to several of the scheduled speakers, including the marketing manager of the impressive Heart of Darkness Brewery based in Vietnam. Other speakers include Mr. Charlie Papazian, the founder of the Brewers Association, Mr. Mazen Hajjar, founder and CEO of Hawkers Beer, and many more! Further, the event is expected to have only 70 local regional breweries in attendance. This is certain to be an inspiring conference capable of laying groundwork for continued craft beer growth in the region as we move towards 2023.

Will you be in attendance? If so, let the Session know! We will absolutely love the opportunity to meet our readers, imbibe, and say CHEERS together to the bright future of craft beer!



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