Strange Beer Names

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So one of The Session’s loyal readers arrives in a new city for the first time. Where is he or she to go first? Some people will visit popular tourist spots and take pictures, enjoy the local landmarks and absorb the culture. This is fair. However, the traveler well-versed in the art of wanderlust knows that the best place to go to learn about the community of this new city or town is the local craft brewery!

As many of you have experienced, walking into a craft brewery for the first time involves checking out the all-important selection of brews for sale. Have you ever noticed some of the crazy, unique, funny names these breweries come up with? The Session looked further into it and found some of the best currently on the market…

“Happy to Donut”: A play on the enthusiastic phrase, “happy to do it!”

“#adulting”: It speaks for itself, life can be tough, we need to drink!

“You’re my boy, Blue!”: Paying great homage to “Old School,” an all-time classic

“Citra Ass Down”:  Assertive, but clear and effective!

“Tactical Nuclear Penguin”: Intriguing, to say the least.

In such a fun space, craft beer brands are purveyors of good times, so anarchic and unusual names are here to stay. There’s even a few that are not reprintable in the hallowed pages of The Session, but we’re sure you can find those ones yourself…


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