The Art of Craft Beer and Food Pairings

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The year is 2023; craft beer has officially transcended its traditional role as a mere beverage to be enjoyed by the population and has emerged as a captivating and diverse art form. One of the most enjoyable aspects of craft beer is how intricately performs with food, where the proper combination can enhance both the flavors of the beer and the tasty meal on your plate. In this article of the Session, we dig a little deeper into the world of craft beer and food pairings, hoping to improve both the drinking and dining experience for our loyal readers!

We start with the classic match between a Belgian Tripel and Mussels in a white wine sauce. Do you want to experience the rich, briny taste of mussels like never before? Indulging in the high alcohol content and complex flavors of the Belgian Tripel will provide you with the perfect complement to your mussels. The beer’s fruity esters and spicy phenols combine with the flavors of the seafood seamlessly, while the slight carbonation helps to cleanse one’s palate between bites. The Tripel’s bit of sweetness and maltiness couples exceptionally well with the acidity of the white wine sauce, resulting in a wonderful culinary experience!

Not a fan of seafood? Try an IPA matched with some classic spicy chicken tacos. The India Pale Ale, renowned for its bold hop bitterness—let’s call it ‘hoppiness’—and citrusy aroma serves as an ideal partner for the intense, fiery flavors found in spicy chicken tacos. The hoppiness cuts through the spice effectively, leaving a refreshing contrast for the palate. Further, the hops flavors and aromas can mirror the intensity of the spices, enhancing the overall eating experience. The malt backbone of the IPA will provide a bit of refreshment from the spicy taco, leaving a diner satisfied!

If our reader has already finished his or her dinner, there is always room for dessert! For this, The Session recommends matching a strong stout with delicious dark chocolate brownies. The rich, roasty flavors of a stout beer harmonize well with the sweetness of the brownies. The malty and chocolatey notes in the stout complement ideally with the cocoa flavors in the brownies, even strengthening their richness! The smooth and creamy texture of the beer creates an indulgent dessert experience.

We hope this article will help our readers enjoy drinking craft beer and dining better than ever before—and even push some people to experiment on their own. While we would love to continue providing tasty examples, this writing has made us hungry!



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