The push for CBD beer is here!

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In last month’s edition of The Session, we explored the recent update to brewing laws in Thailand and celebrated liberation! Another new law has passed in the past few weeks, making marijuana legal in the country as well! This recent happening leads us to this next topic–the promising future of CBD beer…

To start, what is CBD beer? We throw in a quick disclaimer here for our readers: most beers infused with CBD are non-alcoholic. Disappointing to some, we are sure, but CBD beer is made through a brewing process that includes hops, barley, and CBD oils, with removal of the alcohol at the start. The consumer is left with a beverage consisting of a wonderfully tasty, hoppy flavor and boasting all the benefits of CBD!

What are the benefits, you may ask?

There are many. Similar to an alcoholic beverage – a normal beer for example – cannabis infused brews will help to calm your nerves, relieve anxiety, and can certainly help release inhibitions to make you more comfortable in social situations. Furthermore, CBD beer can aid sleep with properties to put your mind at ease and/or mitigate chronic pain.

Keep in mind that these benefits will be available to CBD beer drinkers without the need for drinks actually containing alcohol. This may be a GAME CHANGER for many people and could help CBD beer become a big hit in 2022 and beyond! The Session looks forward to the exciting future.




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