The Rise of Hop Water: A Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Beverage

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As the craft beer industry continues to evolve, so does the demand for unique and innovative non-alcoholic alternatives. Other articles of The Session have dove into some of these options—mainly non-alcoholic beer—but a new trend is emerging: hop water. Hop water is a refreshing beverage that captures the aroma and flavorful essence of hops. The Session explores its origins, growing popularity as a healthy option, and some of the notable companies that offer hop water today.

Hop water, created by infusing water with hops, has grown in popularity as brewers try to keep up with an ever-changing consumer demand profile. People want low carb, people want low sugar, people want flavor, people want it all! Now, they can have the bitter flavor of a hoppy IPA without the need to deal with the negative consequences of overconsumption of alcohol! It is amazing what beverage companies are coming up with these days to give us consumers exactly what we are looking for.

The drivers of the growing popularity of hop water break down into three main categories: health & wellness, flavorful experiences, and versatility. Hop water offers an exceptionally healthier option to sugary soft drinks, sugary fruit drinks, or alcoholic beverages. They boast zero to minimal-calorie options while retaining flavor that most zero-calorie waters cannot match. Any beer drinker who enjoys a hoppy aroma and mild bitterness found in a fresh IPA can find very similar tastes when drinking a refreshing can of hop water. Hop water is also finding a base with mixologists, always looking for ways to enhance their cocktail/mocktail offerings.

The beverage companies leading the way in the hops water market include H2OPS and Hoplark HopTea. H2OPS has created beverages with high-quality hops and natural carbonation. Their customers can’t seem to get enough of the well-balanced bitterness of the drinks, the diversity of flavors, and hoppy aroma! Hoplark HopTea, based in Denver, has cut a niche in the market by adding hops to various tea bases. Their drinks are certain to satisfy a full range of palates.

With consumers continuing to explore different beverage options that suit a healthier, alcohol-free desire, hop water will steadily grow in popularity. We, at The Session, are excited to see what new blends of hop aromas, bitterness profiles, and versatile drinks will be born out of this emerging market. Most importantly, all our readers should rest assured that—no matter what you are looking for when it comes to both alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages—you are likely to find it in today’s market. We can CHEERS to that!

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