The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Do any of our readers remember the days we used to fool our gullible friends into drinking some O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic beer, making them think they were so cool to be drinking it underage? Well, hopefully it wasn’t just the writers of The Session who fell for this age-old trick! Regardless, the beer scene has been developing for years, and now non-alcoholic beer is gaining popularity as a drinker’s preference–not only for pranks! More and more brands are entering the market to meet a growing demand, spurred on by health-conscious drinkers. The Session explores–

One of the most prevalent reasons behind the growing popularity of non-alcoholic beer is the amount of drinkers looking for healthier alternatives to your traditional beer. People who have spent years drinking beer, while dealing with some negative side effects, have really found this to be a refreshing choice after a long day at work, for example. A recent study showed that a surprisingly significant number of consumers (47%!!) would consider purchasing non-alcoholic beer in order to fit better with their healthy lifestyle. It helps to have many options of healthy beer nowadays, compared to decades and even years ago.

One of the most popular brands is Heineken 0.0. Sales of this already common brand have increased over 200% in recent years. With a refreshing, crisp taste, the Heineken 0.0 is a great option for people looking to enjoy the taste of their beer without having to deal with the effects of alcohol.BrewDog Punk AF and Athletic Brewing Company are two craft beer brands that have made an impact in the non-alcoholic beer space. Along with the citrusy, refreshing flavor of BrewDog, it also boasts a gluten-free designation, making it even more popular with health-focused drinkers. Athletic Brewing has seen the popularity of its healthy beer alternatives grow over 500% in the past few years! Demand has grown so much that the company has started opening its own taprooms to keep up!

Overall, the popularity of non-alcoholic beer looks to continue to grow in the coming years as it correlates well with the healthy lifestyle trends of this decade. Companies are doing their best to keep up with demand; providing a variety of styles and flavors to choose from. While we are certain most of our Session readers won’t make non-alcoholic brews their go-to drinks, expect to overhear more and more people yelling to the bartender to pour them the latest healthy option!



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