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As all of America and much of the rest of the world is aware, the underlying tax called ‘inflation’ is currently doing a number on consumer prices and confidence as we collectively work our way out of the global pandemic. Here, at The Session, we pride ourselves on being as optimistic as humanly possible, alas today it is difficult!

Beer companies have started the ball rolling on breaking the news to customers that beer prices will be at the highest they have been moving forward. Costs of production, shipping, all the way down to raw materials, are getting more expensive. Bars and restaurants alike that rely on importing beer from distributors may soon be dealing with unhappy customers; ones that are tired of all the higher prices.

Costly distributor and importer prices do provide an opportunity to the breweries and bars that brew beer on their own, however! We believe strongly that venues which are able to control inventory, product offerings, and retain as much value as possible can come out of this inflationary period ahead of the curve. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is the necessity of INNOVATION and creative thinking in moving forward.

All of us here at The Session have confidence in our readers to prevail and to succeed in 2022 and for the future.

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