What Sports Fans Drink the Most?

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Have you ever wondered, while you are sitting on the couch at home watching your favorite football or baseball or basketball team with a cold beer in hand, ‘is everyone just like me?’

‘Does everyone drink beer while he or she is watching the game?’ Thankfully, there are studies to show whether fans are drinking along with you!

Depending on the sport, a recent Harris Poll showed the percentage of people who regularly drink beer and/or spirits while they watch a game or match. American football—coming in as not much of a surprise to our Session readers I’m sure—is the sport where most people are drinking while they watch. A remarkable 84% of poll respondents claim they drink alcohol while watching games on TV! 83% state that they drink while watching live as well. Not surprising, considering the intense tailgates that occur in stadium parking lots!

Beverage companies jump on these high percentages as an easy way to advertise new products and services, so watching a game normally involves viewing several booze commercials! Surprisingly to The Session, the poll shows that most sports viewers, regardless of the sport, drink alcohol while they are spectating! The lowest percentage came from tennis viewers, but even still this number was 67% while watching at home and 73% watching live.

It begs the question: are a majority of sports viewers actually fans of athletics, or do most people just look for excuses to drink?! Either way, our readers can find comfort in the fact that, next time you are sitting on the couch watching a game with a cold beer in hand, almost everyone IS just like you!




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