Why UBB?


UBB has a distinct advantage when it comes to any competition, as no other product currently on the market brews the way the UBB Master Brew System does. Brewers will harness the power of Master Brewing, giving ample time and flexibility to create delicious recipes.

The System: 

  • Lowers operating costs through automated processes
  • Requires no installation 
  • Takes up a space no larger than a standard dining room table
  • Reduces total cost of ownership dramatically
  • Improves inventory control, ends dreaded beer wastage!
  • Increases profits through labeling your masterpiece recipes
  • Grants owners access to the UBB International Community

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Thank you for your interest in the investment opportunity with Unique Bavarian Brewery, LLC. Please contact our dedicated team through the contact form below. We are happy to get on a call to discuss opportunities.

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